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Because he knew theyd eventually be ไทยรัฐ gone and nothing would change. That reality dulled the power of protest for me. Even one of the founders of the Occupy Wall Street movement, which spread to 82 countries and had millions of people in the streets, agreed with my assessment. A limousine was set ablaze by self-proclaimed anarchists protesting Trumps inauguration. (Matt McClain/The Washington Post) The end of protest is the proliferation of ineffective protests that are more like a ritualized performance of children than a mature, revolutionary challenge to the status quo, said Micah White, who wrote The End of Protest A New Playbook for Revolution after the Occupy movement had the worlds attention, then sputtered and stalled in a pile of ragged tents and trashed city parks. Activists who rush into the streets tomorrow and repeat yesterdays tired tactics will not bring an end to Trump nor will they transfer sovereign power to the people, White wrote. There are only two ways to achieve sovereignty in this world. Activists can win elections or win wars. There is no third option. But this time feels different. Keep it up, protesters, because this time, its working.

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Trump has already promised in various interviews that none of the millions of people covered by the law will lose their health insurance under the Republicans as-yet-unannounced replacement plan, and that his goal is insurance for everybody a more liberal standard than even Obama attempted in 2010. Trump also said he would directly negotiate with pharmaceutical companies to get drug prices down, and that he wanted the bill to be repealed and replaced at the same time. This sent Republicans on the Hill into disarray, as reporters pressed them to explain how they would manage to insure all Americans while spending less money than Obamacare requires. At a GOPretreat last week in Philadelphia, lawmakers fretted about how they would have to live with the political consequences of their replacement, which will likely be called Trumpcare by opponents, according to a recording of the meeting obtained by the Washington Post . The lawmakers original plan of repealing Obamacare on a delay of several years perhaps until after the midterms and dealing with the effects later was out the window, thanks to their president. Again and again, Democrats are holding Republican lawmakers to Trumps promises on health care. Rep. Tom Price of Georgia, Trumps nominee to lead the Department of Health and Human Services, was grilled during his four-hour hearing last week by senators who pressed him to explain the discrepancies between Trumps promises and the Republicans repeal plan. Sen.

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