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Containing with green tea extract and B vitamins, Nuun Electrolytes gives you the energy you need without the massive amount of sugar that's added to most coffee beverages or energy drinks. Furthermore, the supplement is also formulated with magnesium , a mineral that is essential to many of your body's biological functions everything from your nerve and muscle function, to your blood pressure is affected by your magnesium levels. According to Dr. Petre, "Magnesium is a very important mineral that creates energy by activating the fundamental energy unit called ATP . Without enough magnesium, food cannot metabolize energy efficiently." Adding a magnesium supplement like Nuun Electrolytes to your water bottle daily, and aiming to eat more magnesium-rich foods (veggies, fruits, nuts, and legumes) can help you feel more bright-eyed and bushy-tailed during the day. If you're feeling a litle groggy, Nature's Bounty Energy Gummies can help make you feel more awake. These supplements contain vitamin B-12, as well as an herbal blend of green tea extract, kola nut, and guarana. Like green tea, kola nut contains caffeine to make you feel more energized. Guarana is also an effective way to boost your alertness. Dr.

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